Gas Engines


A True American Classic built around 1912 by Perkins Wind Mill Company in Mishawaka Indiana. At this time, Perkins launched a series of engines to complement their existing line of windmills, pumps, and other farm equipment. The Perkins 7Hp Hit and Miss Engine (pictured above) is one of the many Perkins engines built. It has always been an interesting engine to watch and pleasure to listen to. Bring back some history in 1/4 scale. 1 1/2 in. Bore, 2 in. stroke, 7 5/8 in. flywheel.

1/4 scale of a 7Hp Engine.

Kit #1 $390.00
KIT #1

13 Piece Casting Set with Drawings, Name Plate, Gear Set and Piston Rings.

Fairbanks, Morse

Another Treasure from around 1918. The Type Z Engine is available in 1/3 Scale.

Fairbanks, Morse Casting

17 Piece Castings Set with Drawings, Nameplate and Piston Rings.

1 1/2 Bore 2 in. Stroke

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